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Pakistan needs your support!

Anica Samleit

The flood catastrophe in Pakistan is getting worse: More than 20 million men, women and children are affected by the catastrophe – according to the United Nations the flood is much worse than the Tsunami in 2004.

The next days and weeks are crucial to save lives and to relieve the distress. Together we can make a difference: Donate now!

With just one Euro you make sure one victim gets first aid, 25 Euro provide food for a family of five, with 40 Euro you help to keep up hygienic standards. forwards 100% of your donation.

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UNO secretary general Ban Ki-Moon said on Sunday the catastrophe was „heartbreaking“. He has seen many natural catastrophes all over the world, „but nothing is like this one“. The dimension of the disaster is incomparable, the misery so big. Let us help and donate together. Click here to support a Pakistan project of your choice.

How the disaster-management in Pakistan looks like and what effects the donations collected on have shows this video of the organization Shelter Box. also started a Fundraising Event to support Pakistan. The collected money will be forwarded to seven projects that are run by experienced organizations. Thanks to their several years of experience in international disaster relief they can guarantee that the help actually reaches those who are in need.

Contribute your own part and join the Fundraising Event „Nothilfe in Pakistan“.

DRK Pakistan

The volume of the donations is much smaller than it was in Haiti or after the Tsunami wave. You can do something against that by spreading the word and encourage people to help. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Fundraising Event on – send an E-Mail, post the link to facebook or twitter, share the facebook posts – give your voice for Pakistan!

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