Your Fundraising Event on

As you have probably heard already, we now have a new “product” on Fundraising events!

Everybody can start a fundraising event by his/her own choice and support an existing project on

What could be your event?

A marathon run, where you collect money for each kilometer?
A birthday party, where you ask for donations instead of presents?
Shaving your head for a certain amount of donations?
Jumping out of a helicopter with a parachute – for a good cause?
Playing music on the streets for streetkids in Africa?

Any other crazy event coming up? Make it a fundraising event!

Those are the pictures of our campaign we are currently running in Germany – everybody who was involved, from the agency to the photographer and models worked pro bono. Thanks a lot, once again!

Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-5Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-3Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-2Werbung Kampagnen-CLP_WALL.pdf (Seite 5 von 5)

You don’t understand German? Go to osocio’s webpage – they were so kind to translate it into English!

We offer you all the tools you need to create your own page and to spread it among your family, friends and colleagues.
Plus: we are offering E-Mail support for your fundraising event – try us! Send your feedback or questions to

Note: A fundraising event is NOT a project! It supports an existing project! Everybody who wants to register a project, please go here. Organizations can of course start a fundraising event for their own projects!

Go ahead, start your fundraising event now! We are excited to see your creative fundraising ideas!

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Pakistan needs your support!

The flood catastrophe in Pakistan is getting worse: More than 20 million men, women and children are affected by the catastrophe – according to the United Nations the flood is much worse than the Tsunami in 2004.

The next days and weeks are crucial to save lives and to relieve the distress. Together we can make a difference: Donate now!

With just one Euro you make sure one victim gets first aid, 25 Euro provide food for a family of five, with 40 Euro you help to keep up hygienic standards. forwards 100% of your donation.

DRK Pakistan1

UNO secretary general Ban Ki-Moon said on Sunday the catastrophe was „heartbreaking“. He has seen many natural catastrophes all over the world, „but nothing is like this one“. The dimension of the disaster is incomparable, the misery so big. Let us help and donate together. Click here to support a Pakistan project of your choice.

How the disaster-management in Pakistan looks like and what effects the donations collected on have shows this video of the organization Shelter Box. also started a Fundraising Event to support Pakistan. The collected money will be forwarded to seven projects that are run by experienced organizations. Thanks to their several years of experience in international disaster relief they can guarantee that the help actually reaches those who are in need.

Contribute your own part and join the Fundraising Event „Nothilfe in Pakistan“.

DRK Pakistan

The volume of the donations is much smaller than it was in Haiti or after the Tsunami wave. You can do something against that by spreading the word and encourage people to help. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Fundraising Event on – send an E-Mail, post the link to facebook or twitter, share the facebook posts – give your voice for Pakistan!

Photos © German Red Cross

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We proudly present: The winner of the Fundraising-Competition

On July 13th, connected with the launch of the new feature Fundraising Events, we started with a competition. The challenge: Get as many people as possible to donate for your Fundraising Event and collect at least 250 Euros. The prize is a German Football Association jersey with original signatures of the German team. The jersey was sponsored by the organization Goals Connect – as a thank you many Fundraising Events supported their project Namibia Streetkids Gobabis.

Exciting weeks lay behind us, and there was always new drive in the competition. The creators of the Fundraising Events understood: If they are not spreading the word, no donors will show up. They used all kind of channels: Face-to-face persuasion, print-out-flyers, activate a forum-community, spreading through Social Media like facebook and twitter, sending out E-Mails and SMS – and much more.

The numbers proof their success: 440 people participated in Fundraising Events and collected a total amount of 6898 Euros.

Now: Let’s hale the winner. The Fundraising-Event-Champion is:

Fistula fundraising event

1. Fistula Fundraising Event: with 120 donors they collected 1281 Euros. The money will be forwarded to the project Help Ethiopian Women with Childbirth Injuries.


But some more achieved a lot, especially because of their creative ideas and a lot of personal engagement.

2. U2 Forum Spendenaktion (82 Spender, 1638 Euro)

3. Buchmann mit Bart (63 Spender, 701 Euro)

4. Singing for Change (47 Spender, 390 Euro)

5. Gib dein letztes Hemd (35 Spender, 254 Euro)

Thanks a lot for everyone who participated in this competition!

Pretty impressing, how much money was collected in those Fundraising Events! If you want to start your own Fundraising Event now, then what are you waiting for? Register here.

If you need any help, get in touch with us via!

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Who is gonna be Fundraising-Champion – BIG changes on the leader board!

Good Friday afternoon everyone, its time for the Fundraising-Champion Competition UPDATE. We’ve got ourselves a competition with two fundraising projects taking aim to crack the magic 70 donor hurdle!

This is the current result:
Since starting the feature Fundraising Events 54 people (last week: 49) started a Fundraising Event, they motivated 298 donors (last week: 215) to support their cause and collected a total amount of 5185 Euro (last week: 4118 Euro). Keep up the good work!

The Top 5 competing for the German Football Association jersey:100713_en
1. U2-Forum-Spendenaktion (70 donors)
2. Fistula Fundraising Event (64 donors)
3. Buchmann mit Bart (32 donors)
4. Singing for Change (27 donors)
5. Gib dein letztes Hemd (27 donors)

Currently on 6th place: A classic example, that late bloomers still can kick off. The Fundraising Event „Signiertes DFB-Trikot gewinnen“ exisits since 26th of July and has already collected 1127 Euro for the projetc Streetkids in Namibia. The majority of the money is the proceed of a party of the student council of “Translating and Interpreting” at the University of Heidelberg.

In this competition the number of donors is crucial – with 19 donors the founder of the Fundraising Event, Niklas, has something to do. He wants to approach soccer-forums and wants to encourage all users to give something back after the exciting worldcup . This works best through a multiplicator, who supports the Fundraising Event – somehow like a advocate.

For everyone who has not started a Fundraising-Event yet: What are you waiting for?
Especially Niklas’ example shows that you can achieve a lot in a really short time (3 days!!!) if you know which strings to pull. Even if you start your Fundraisning Event now, you still can bet he most successful fundraiser and win the jersey of the German Football Association. So go ahead: Start your own Fundraising Event now. Find all details about the competition here. And do not forget: It is about the number of donors – so convince as many people as possible to join your Fundraising Event!

We are always there for your feedback, laud and critisism. Leave a comment or send an E-Mail to

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Start your fundraising event now and win a German Football Association jersey with original team signatures!

We just introduced our brand-new fundraising-event pages – and you’ve already got a chance to win an awesome prize: An original football jersey signed by all members of Germany’s national team!

Wow! We want to give the jersey to the best “fundraising eventorganizer”. All you need to do is create your own fundraising event and get more of your friends to join you than anyone else.


So, how do you become the best fundraising event organizer? Follow these steps:

  1. Start your fundraising event now! Just log-in and get started. Need some examples for fundraising events? “It’s my birthday soon, but I don’t want presents, I want donations!” or “I plan to host a barbecue on sunday. Anyone who donates is invited!” or “I am going to participate in a marathon run – give one Euro for each kilometer”. Be creative: a fundraising-event can pop up everywhere!
  2. Convince as many people as possible to donate a couple of Euros for your fundraising event (THIS IS CRUCIAL). It’s up to you which project will benefit from your collected donations. One example could be the great project of “goals connect” in Namibia. Of course you can find a lot more projects from different regions and all sorts of categories on
  3. The one fundraising event organizer who gathers the most donors from now until 05th August, at 4 pm (CET) for his fundraising event – and collects min. 250 Euros – will win the jersey.

So what are you waiting for? The fundraising event competition for the German Football Association jersey has begun. There is no better way to connect a good event with a good feeling and a good cause. Click here to get started.

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No change without cookies

cc by ginnerobot

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s hard to initiate social change (or any kind of change, for that matter), perhaps this psychological study at The Fast Company may interest you.

Say two groups of participants are given an impossible task to solve. Beforehand, one group is allowed to eat from a bowl of delicious cookies. The other group is asked not to, though the cookies are placed in a bowl on the table in front of them. (That group gets to eat radishes instead.)

Studies find that the first group persisted more than twice as long at the impossible task than those who had been denied the cookies.

This finding implies that the act of self-control—focused self-reflection or attention to something—is an exhaustible resource. Which means that we have limited amounts of energy with which to change the world.

Now one question might be: how do you decide where to spend your energy? What will you do with that resource?

A tip: go eat some cookies, then browse through the amazing projects on! Make change!

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The penultimate photo-blog post. This one packs a punch. With the motto “Train hard, fight easy,” the Boxgirls are in your face. Which doesn’t sound nice, until you know that it’s a strategic sport that improves physical performance, flexibitily, courage, tactical abilities, mental strength and technical know-how among women. At Boxgirls International, girls from different cultures and social milieus learn not only how to aim a power-shot, but also how to develop their mental leadership skills. The Boxgirls project also acts as a role model project on

Anikka Bauer, a photographer with the Ostkreuz School, visited Boxgirls at the end of 2009 and took this series of great photos for our betterplace works brochure.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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Congratulations to our TOP 11 FLIP winners!

The betterplace lab team faced a big challenge last week. Our FLIP video contest with Cisco received an enormous response and we were forced with the wonderful problem of deciding which of the many wonderful ideas to support for a film project over the next 3 months. From the entire group of applications, we ended up choosing the following 11, which will receive shortly FLIP cameras to start their video projects. Congratulations!

action medeor
Haiti earthquake humanitarian project Germany – Haiti (2 cameras)

Sol y Vida
A kids cancer project from Ecuador (2 cameras)

OffBeat Unity
An exciting journey through the East (2 cameras)

A mobile library in India (2 cameras)

Agbe e.V.
Kindergardens in Togo through micro businesses (2 cameras)

Kick HIV
HIV/AIDS and football in Germany and South-Africa (2 cameras)

Documentary about 3 phantastic international Boxgirls (2 cameras)

Glasses for kids in India (2 cameras)

SAEP South Africa
Stories from a camp in south-africa (2 cameras)

We decided that having a TOP 11 list is even better than having a TOP 10. The last two projects will each receive one camera for filming their ideas:

Kinderhospiz Regenbogenland
What an MS patient and family tell us (1 camera)

The Women who watch over goats
Women in Africa who watch the goats… (1 camera)

This is our runners-up list, in case any of the TOP 11 are unable to participate:
1. Community Breakthrough Support Mission
2. Jambo Bukoba
3. Twende Pamoja
4. Childrens Hope
5. Heart Kenya

Our congratulations. We are looking forward to the exciting films by 15. August.

Your betterplace lab team

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FLIP Contest – now begins the evaluation

The betterplace lab team is excited. By the time our official deadline for the FLIP video contest ended yesterday evening, we had received ideas and stories from 240 applicants worldwide.

And from this pool, 68 sent us their film ideas. 48 of those followed our contest criteria and are now being evaluated. By this weekend, we plan to create a short list of the top 20, and in the next week our partner Cisco will send two FLIP cameras to the top 10.

Then the ball will really start rolling. The chosen projects will then have three months to make their film ideas into reality, showing the work and impact of their project. We’ll post the films online at the end of August and let the entire betterplace community vote on their favorites.

We look forward to what will happen. And we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

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Pan-handling for the homeless

The Pennergame Team appears unbeatable. Almost 800 virtual homeless players have gathered together on the online role-playing “Penner Game” (penner means “pan-handler”) and have collected over 27,000 Euros. And about 4,000 of that is directed to mob Inc. and their project to renovate the common room. The Ostkreuz School photographer Daniel Seiffert has captured this space with beautiful photos, which we used at the end of 2009 in our betterplace works! brochure (only available in German). You can enjoy his entire collection of photos from mob Inc. here in this slideshow, since we didn’t have space for them all in our brochure.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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