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Log-In with Facebook – how it works:

Until today, about 600 users have merged their account with their Facebook profile. Compared to almost 8.000 fans on our Facebook Page, it could be many more!

The Log-In with Facebook has a couple of advantages. If you want to register on as a user for the first time you don’t have to go through all the steps and don’t need to search for a new profile picture, just use the Facebook picture! Once registered on you can Log-In with one click on the Facebook button – you don’t have to type in your E-Mail adress or password all the time. If you make a donation on your good deed will automatically show up as a status update on Facebook. Thereby you are telling your friends that you just made the world a better place – maybe they gonna join you!

Connect with Facebook

Connecting those two accounts is really simple – this is how it works:

Scenario 1: You don’t have a account yet

Go to the Log-In page and klick on “Log-In with Facebook”. pulls the inforamtion from your Facebook account into your profile. Go to “My betterplace” if you want to do any changes.

Scenario 2: You already have a account, and you are using the same E-mail address as on Facebook

Then you can also just click “Log-In with Facebook” in the Log-In page. Your two accounts will be connected then.

Scenario 3: You already have a account, but you are using a different E-Mail address than on Facebook.

First Log-In to as usual, by typing in your E-Mail address and password here. Do not click on the Facebook button yet. After logging in, visit “My betterplace” and choose “Connect with Facebook” in the menu on the right. Now your two accounts are connected – no matter if you are using different E-mail addresses.

Are your Facebook friends already registered on Click on “Like” and tell them about it!

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Support needed for over 10 million people in East Africa

The East African states Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are experiencing the worst drought since 60 years. More than 10 million people – including 2 million children – are affected. Especially the people in Somalia need your help: the country is exhausted after decades of war and people flee into overcrowded refugee camps. The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR refers to the situation in Somalia as the “worst humanitarian emergency” in the world.

Below, you can find some aid projects which are localized at the Horn of Africa. Just click a picture and choose a project to save the people in East Africa from starvation.

Thanks for your support!

Bildschirmfoto 2011-07-14 um 11.05.37

Day Care Centre in West Kenya

Support for refugees in Kenya

Horn of Africa drought sparks food crisis

Drought in East Africa

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Get engaged – every month.

One good deed a month: With our new feature of a monthly donation you can support an aid project not only once or occasionally, but regularly and for a longer period.

Do you have a favorite project on Take the chance and support the project on a regular base as a “monthly giver”. It is quite easy: with our new feature of a monthly donation to aid projects. You´re supporting your favorite project not only once or occasionally, but regularly and for a longer period. A monthly donation gives a long-term planning reliability to the project manager. You are continuously connected to the project as a donor. Both sides have the possibility to enjoy the good feeling of realizing even the most difficult project together.

As a “monthly giver” you will get a donation receipt at the end of the year just as if you have made a donation once. There will also be a little green “monthly giver” icon on your user profile picture soon. Showing your contribution for a better world.

Your donation goes directly to an aid project and the project manager decides in which way the donation should be used for. This tool provides more flexibility to the project manager and it maintains transparency. Your donation can now be distributed to a specific need – to the need the project manager considers most important at that time. As usual, betterplace guarantees that 100% of your donation will be forwarded. Very important to know: Your monthly donation can be cancelled at any time at “My better place” on our platform.
Are you already supporting your favorite project on a monthly base? Even the smallest monthly contribution helps the project – for example drink just one coffee less per month.

Let’s start! The first ten aid projects that receive a monthly donation will get a Flip video camera. To show where your donation is exactly used.
If you have any further questions, comments or feedback: let us know! Send an E-mail to

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You got mail!

After you have made a donation to a project or a fundraising event on, you will get updates via E-Mail as soon as there is something new. That way you are always up-to-date how the projects or the fundraising event is making progress – and you get to know when and how your donation was used. Every time there is a new blog post, you will be informed by mail.

check messages

This feature is really helpful to follow-up your donation – but sometimes it can also be annoying. Especially if you support a lot of projects or one really active project. It is the same with the campaign page for Japan: To make sure the aid workers in Japan receive the money as soon as possible, we forward the money as fast as we can. Everybody who made a donation will be informed about this process by E-Mail. If you don’t want to hear every day that the money has been forwarded to the projects you can choose to unsubscribe from those updates.

Simply log in on and go to My betterplace, your profile page. Choose edit profile on the right and notifications in the last tab. You can choose precisely what kind of messages you want to receive. Most of the times it is good to know what happens after your donation, right?

By the way: if you want to get bites of news about, take a look at our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Well, you will get even more updates then – but in nice, small pieces!

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Recurring donations are back!

A feature many of you have been waiting for is back again: recurring donations. This is how it works:

From now on you can decide if you want to donate once or give monthly. It works for organizations as well as for fundraising events. After you clicked on the „donate“ button you can choose to pay  monthly. If you do that, the amount of your choice will be taken from your bank account, credit card or PayPal account every month on the 15th.

By checking „view transactions” on „my betterplace“ you always have full transparency over your one time payments and also your recurring donations. If you want to stop your monthly donation, simply click on „delete“. If you want to choose a new amount, delete your recurring donation and start a new one.

recurring donations

You can also donate for We don’t take any fees from organizations and 100% of the donations are forwarded. If you like this fact, support the idea of betterplace with a recurring donation here.

Well then: have fun doing good!

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How you can help Japan on

It’s been a while since we updated you in English what has been going on on lately. Sorry for that – we have been very busy!

I guess everybody of you is informed through the news: Japan is affected by an earthquake, a tsunami and  is probably facing a nuclear disaster. Everybody on have been pretty busy in helping the victims affected by this disaster. Therefore, our campaign page is dedicated to Japan – you can help, too!

On that page you see a stream of donations coming in for the people in Japan. A lot of people have already helped. On the right hand side you can see which companies teamed up with to help out – they started their own fundraising event for Japan and motivated employees and customers to help. Among those you can find big names like ebay, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, PayPal and many more.

In the middle you can see which organizations are currently collecting donations for the Japanese people. Three well-known organizations are teaming up: CARE Germany, Save the Children Germany and The German Red Cross.

Besides this, various individuals felt obliged to help and started fundraising events for Japan. They spread the word among their friends via E-mail, Facebook and Twitter and everybody chipped in to help Japan. You can start a fundraising event too. No matter if you are a individual or if you are collecting donations with your company – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

By the way: we already collected 325.000 Euros for Japan! A big thank you goes out to all you guys who chipped in! Do you want to help Japan? Donate now!

Photo: Toshirharu Kato, Japanese Red Cross

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March Campaign: Water

Banner-wasser_enA new month, a new campaign. During March everything is gonna be about water: From clean dringing water to irrigation systems in agriculture to  sanitation – water is a broad topic and a challenge in many places in the world. We researched some exciting projects from Mosambique, Haiti, Nepal, Cameroon, India and Somalia:

Clean Drinking Water for People in Mosambique

This project aims to build wells in Mosambique – then the women would not have to carry the water all the way from the springs. The water there is of poor quality and dangerous for the health of the villagers. One well can offer 500 people 20 liters of drinking water per person each day.

>> More

Water is Life – Purification Tablets for Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti lies already more than a behind. Still everybody remembers the pictures illustrating the impact of the destruction. Life in Haiti is not back to normal yet. Clean drinking water remains a difficulty – purification tablets can help. One tablet costs only 2 cents and can purify 20 liters of water.

>> More

Irrigation system for 15 families

The province Kaule in Nepal has successful farmers – but the dry season makes working impossible to them. The dry season lasts from November to April each year – during this time it is impossible to grow anything. If the farmers had a irrigation system to water the fields, they could work all year round. This would result in better harvests and financial stability for the farmers family.

>> More

Drinking Water for the Primary School Ndoknagba

Building a well on the property of the school would be a huge progress – not only for the school kids, also for the 860 villagers in the communities around. Just next to the school is the church and the marketplace, which makes the area a central meeting point. The project is only missing financial support, the workforce will be provided by the villagers themselves.

>> More

Toilets for Indian Rural Families

Not every indian home has a toilet – in many cases they have to relieve themselves on a field closeby. Ths does not only attract Krankheitserreger, it is also dangerous and humiliating. The indian government supports families who want to build sanitation in their homes: 35 Euros are funds from the governmanet, the families have to pay 50 Euros themselves. 45 Euros are still missing for a decent toilet.

>> More

Clean Water Saves Lifes – Red Cross Helps Somalia

The Red Cross wants to provide clean drinking water in Northwest Somalia. Together with the people from the villages they want to build Berkads – a traditional water basin. Wells would run dry because of the low groundwater level. In addition to that they want to produce water filters, which will not only provide germfree drinking water but also create new jobs.

>> More

You can’t decide which project to go for? Just donate on our campaign-page. All donatiosn we receive there will be spli up among the introduced projects.

By the way: March 22nd is World Water Day!

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February Campaign: Human Rights

Banner-Menschenrechte_Agypten_enHuman Rights – everybody knows they exist, but what exactly are our rights? Do you know them all – I am guessing no! That’s why we dedicate February to Human Rights.

In our category “human rights” you can find exciting projects concerning this topic the whole year round.

This month our campaign-page is also full of projects that are working with human rights. Besides projects that work on human rights in Germany, you will also find international initiatives. We would like to introduce to the projects of the month febrauary now:


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My betterplace

“My betterplace” is your profile on Here you get an overview over all your activities on projects you donated for, fundraising events you participated in, all your blog entries and much more.

We would like to introduce you to some options you might not know yet:


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2010: The year in numbers

“We must have had 99% of the game. It was the other three percent that cost us the match.” —Ruud Gullit

Since we at like to give 102% as well, we worked our way through numerous excel-tables and dug up some interesting figures on 2010:

2010 in Numbers

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