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We proudly present: The winner of the Fundraising-Competition

Anica Samleit

On July 13th, connected with the launch of the new feature Fundraising Events, we started with a competition. The challenge: Get as many people as possible to donate for your Fundraising Event and collect at least 250 Euros. The prize is a German Football Association jersey with original signatures of the German team. The jersey was sponsored by the organization Goals Connect - as a thank you many Fundraising Events supported their project Namibia Streetkids Gobabis.

Exciting weeks lay behind us, and there was always new drive in the competition. The creators of the Fundraising Events understood: If they are not spreading the word, no donors will show up. They used all kind of channels: Face-to-face persuasion, print-out-flyers, activate a forum-community, spreading through Social Media like facebook and twitter, sending out E-Mails and SMS - and much more.

The numbers proof their success: 440 people participated in Fundraising Events and collected a total amount of 6898 Euros.

Now: Let’s hale the winner. The Fundraising-Event-Champion is:

Fistula fundraising event

  1. Fistula Fundraising Event: with 120 donors they collected 1281 Euros. The money will be forwarded to the project Help Ethiopian Women with Childbirth Injuries.


But some more achieved a lot, especially because of their creative ideas and a lot of personal engagement.


  1. U2 Forum Spendenaktion (82 Spender, 1638 Euro)

  2. Buchmann mit Bart (63 Spender, 701 Euro)

  3. Singing for Change (47 Spender, 390 Euro)

  4. Gib dein letztes Hemd (35 Spender, 254 Euro)

Thanks a lot for everyone who participated in this competition!

Pretty impressing, how much money was collected in those Fundraising Events! If you want to start your own Fundraising Event now, then what are you waiting for? Register here.

If you need any help, get in touch with us via!