We present: The web of trust

On the betterlace.org project pages you can read the following text concerning their trustworthiness: „We suggest that you support projects, when you know the carrier organisation or the project responsible, or if a trustworthy person recommended the project to you – or if the web of trust convinced you of the project’s trustworthiness.“ Now, what […]

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betterplace.org presents: donors and opinions

The biggest innovation on our new project pages is the new tab „ Donors and Opinions“. Here you can find the list of all the donors as well as the opinions (former „advocates“) and the posts of the „on site visitors“. Fitting to the politic of transparency proper to betterplace.org, critical opinions and critical „on […]

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Log-In with Facebook – how it works:

Until today, about 600 users have merged their betterplace.org account with their Facebook profile. Compared to almost 8.000 fans on our Facebook Page, it could be many more! The Log-In with Facebook has a couple of advantages. If you want to register on betterplace.org as a user for the first time you don’t have to […]

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Support needed for over 10 million people in East Africa

The East African states Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are experiencing the worst drought since 60 years. More than 10 million people – including 2 million children – are affected. Especially the people in Somalia need your help: the country is exhausted after decades of war and people flee into overcrowded refugee camps. The UN Refugee […]

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Get engaged – every month.

One good deed a month: With our new feature of a monthly donation you can support an aid project not only once or occasionally, but regularly and for a longer period. Do you have a favorite project on betterplace.org? Take the chance and support the project on a regular base as a “monthly giver”. It […]

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You got mail!

After you have made a donation to a project or a fundraising event on betterplace.org, you will get updates via E-Mail as soon as there is something new. That way you are always up-to-date how the projects or the fundraising event is making progress – and you get to know when and how your donation […]

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Recurring donations are back!

A feature many of you have been waiting for is back again: recurring donations. This is how it works: From now on you can decide if you want to donate once or give monthly. It works for organizations as well as for fundraising events. After you clicked on the „donate“ button you can choose to […]

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March Campaign: Water

A new month, a new campaign. During March everything is gonna be about water: From clean dringing water to irrigation systems in agriculture to  sanitation – water is a broad topic and a challenge in many places in the world. We researched some exciting projects from Mosambique, Haiti, Nepal, Cameroon, India and Somalia: Clean Drinking […]

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