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What is the end-of-year review?

For projects that are carried out by organisations that are acknowledged as charitable by the German tax authorities, sends tax receipts to the donors. They will be distributed in the beginning of 2017 via email. In this email the donor gets an overview of their supported projects. To each of the supported projects there will be a link that leads to an end-of-year review to inform the donor about the progress of the project.

As project manager you have the opportunity to compose this end-of-year review in the news section of your project page that will be sent to your donors. Just click on “write news” and tick “The following News should be linked in the donation receipt email”.

What should be included in your end-of-year review? Tell about the progress your project has made in the last 12 month and what has been achieved due to the single donations. Tell what worked out well and what could be improved next year. Transparency is the key! Complete your report with recent photos and videos. You are also welcome to look into the future of your project: what are your plans for next year, what is needed to achieve your goals?

Take the chance and engage your supporters - who knows, they might become regular donors!