Photos create trust. Therefore betterplace offers the possibility of presenting photos on your user profile, organisation profile, and project page.

First add a user profile picture, that way all supporters and proponents can see who is responsible for the project. Be sure to choose a photo in which you are easily recognizable – portraits work best. Avoid sunglasses or other accessories on your face.

Log on to, click on “My betterplace” and on the following page click on “Manage Photos”. When you click this link, you will land on an overview page that shows you all of the photos that you have uploaded to your user profile. If you want to add a new photo, simply click on “Choose File”. This will open a window where you can choose from all the photos you have stored digitally on your computer. Select the desired photo and subsequently click “Open”. Now that link to your photo has been selected, click “Upload” to save the photo on The first photo you upload to your profile will automatically become your profile picture. You can now add a caption to your profile picture if you like. Click “Save Changes”. Done!

To proceed to your organisation profile page, go first to “My betterplace” and then to your organisation profile page. On the following page, you can simply click on the link “Upload Logo”.

You can also follow this procedure for your project page. While on your project page, click on “Administration” and then in the menu on the left side click “Manage photos”. Upload the most recent and vivid pictures here, to document the progress of your project. Pictures that show you at work to give visitors to your page an impression what you do, who is involved in your project and whom your project benefits. For example, you can document how you have used donations already received. Additionally, you have the option of presenting a second smaller profile picture. Click on a photo of your choice and check the box that says “Use as the second, smaller profile picture”. You can always change this picture at any time. When you would like to change your main profile picture, simply click the photo and select the check mark next to it saying “Use this picture as profile picture”.

Uploading is not working? Try it again using a photo that has the data extension *.JPG, *.PNG, or *.GIF and is no larger than 4 megabytes.

Written by Ninja Taprogge on 19.06.2012. Last updated on 28.08.2012.