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How to manage Coworkers and permissions?

On your organisation’s profile every employee can be assigned different rights. To edit roles of current employees or add peoples to your organisation, click in the “Administration”-area on „ Coworkers & Access “.

The roles

Members of an organisation can have the roles “member”, “has listing rights” and “has rights to manage”.

Members are only publicly connected to your organisation. They do not have any other rights. But they can have rights within a project of your organisation.

The role “ has listing rights” allows members to register new aid projects to your organisation’s profile.

Managers can edit all information included to your organisation’s profile on They can add new aid projects and have the ability to edit roles of every member.

Public Contact Person

Additionally, there is the role of a public contact person, who is the represenative of your organisation. This person automatically has the same rights as managers. In adition he receives every e-mail designated to your organisation.

Why can not I delete members?

Some members are listed in a grey shape. To explore their role, simply mouseover the help icon “?”.

How can I add new members?

Just fill in the e-mail address of your new member under “add members” and click “add”. Please keep in mind that you can only add someone if the member is registered on with this e-mail address.

You can add additional employees to projects of your organisation in order to share tasks or responsibilities. You do that by clicking on “ Permissions” in the “Administration”-area of your project.