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How do I activate my network to start a fundraising event for my project?

A fundraising event can be an opportunity to turn donors into fundraisers for your own project. A fundraising event may reach out to people that have not been the target group of the project so far. It is another way to increase influence.

A fundraising event is registered and spread by a private person, not the organization itself. The occasion is often a birthday, a marathon run or another event in the life of the fundraising event owner.

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As a project manager you can activate your network to start a fundraising event.
At the bottom of your project page you can find a link that sends you directly to the registration process for a fundraising event for this project:

Learning Center in KwaZulu-Natal_Südafrika – Go Ahead! e.V. (

Share this link in your network, for example in your next newsletter or on your Facebook page.