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What is the quickest way to find ‘time donors’?

Find volunteers with a poster:

It is great that you are using to find ‘time donors’ but just listing a volunteer opportunity is not enough. These suggestions can help to attract more users:

  • Help to spread your volunteer opportunities by sending the link/URL via email to your friends and asking them to forward it to their networks. Use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to recommend your volunteer opportunity. You can find these features on the bottom of your time donation page.
  • Always keep your time donation page up to date, comprehensible and substantial. Fewer questions and detailed description of the volunteer opportunity, increase the willingness of the user to get in contact with you.
  • Please give information about insurance coverage (accident and liability insurance): Do you provide insurance or are your time donors insured via the federal state?
  • If possible offer your time donors some kind of reimbursements , e.g. to cover travel expenses.
  • Acknowledgement is an important factor for volunteers. Have you ever thought about organising an annual thanksgiving event? Or is there any kind of volunteer passport in your city/community that allows concessions for public facilities (e.g. museums, swimming pools, …)?
  • Uploading a photo that is related to your volunteer opportunity helps the time donor to identify with the topic and the task.
  • Your logo will help the time donor to recognise your organisation.