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How to collect donations on your homepage / website.

Many organisations and initiatives, that present their projects on, also have an individual homepage. offers you several solutions to collect donations on your homepage.

  1. Integrated Donation Form
    With the integrated donation form you can receive donations for your projects directly on your homepage (or on your organizations homepage). To use the donation form on your homepage, you have to integrate a piece of code into your website simply through copy and paste. Having done so you can collect donations directly on your website. This article in our help blog gives a step-by-step guide.
  2. Project-Widget
    The project-widget works like an advertisement banner on your homepage and links directly to your project on The widget also displays the progress in your project regarding your fundraising goal in a percentage bar. You can find a guide on how to integrate the widget here.
  3. External Donation Button
    The external donation button also works like a small advertisement banner that links directly to one of your projects on If you installed our earlier version which led to your organisation you will now be redirected to a list of all your projects from which you can choose one.