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How do I integrate a donation form for my organisation into my Facebook page?

If your organisation has a Facebook page, you now have the opportunity to integrate an online donation form to collect donations for your project on This way all of your Facebook fans can donate to your project directly - without leaving Facebook. And as always, your data is safe! Check out the Facebook page from Viva Con Agua to see how it could look like.

In order to integrate the online donation form you need to install the Facebook application ‘static HTML App’.

Please note, that Facebook doesn’t allow iframes on mobile. If you’re using the link to share, you can go into Settings of static HTML APP to “Enable on mobile devices” anklicken. Then, the link will forward to the proper iframe if you’re using a desktop. If the user is on a mobile device a extra page with the donation form will be shown instead.

Please log onto your Facebook page and install the static HTML App. Click “Add Static HTML to a Page”. You will be asked to which Facebook page this app should be added. Please choose your organisation and click on “add iFrame tabs”.

You will be forwarded to your Facebook page. On your Facebook page, click on “edit page” in the Administration section on the top of the page. Please choose “edit settings” afterwords. In the navigation bar, click on “more…” and then on “Apps”. On the new page, click on “edit settings” underneath the “Static HTML: iFrame tabs”. You can now define a a name for the button that appears on your page (e.g. “Donate Now”).

Now click on “view page” on the top right. The new app should now be visible in your navigation section (underneath your big cover picture), probably when clicking on “more”. In order for the app to appear directly in the navigation-section, without clicking on “more” first, press “manage sections” and manually move your new app upwards in the list. Afterwards press save.

Now press the new “Donate Now”-Button and you will be directed to an almost empty page. Click on “edit tab”. If the “edit tab” button is not available to you please make sure that you are using google chrome as your server. A sentence (starting with: ‘You only…’) will now be visible underneath the headline ‘index.html” which needs to be deleted. After deleting the sentence open a new tab or browser window and log onto Once there, click on “My betterplace” and go onto your organisations page. Click on “integrated donation form” in your navigation bar on the right. You should now be able to see the link to the source code of the integrated donation form. Copy the source code into the empty field on your Facebook page and press “Save & Preview”.

Congratulations! You did it. Still got questions you want to ask? The Project & Organisations team is more than happy to help you. Just send an email to