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Alternatives for your online fundraising


How can you continue to collect donations for your project which is not registered as tax exempted in Germany? We have put together a collection of possible alternatives :

  1. Is your project part of an organisation, which is locally registered in your country as an official NGO? Please contact our Partner Maecenata, who might be able to support you to become tax exempted in Germany. If so, you can continue to use for your fundraising.
  2. Would you like to continue your project pretty much in the same way you were used to at Then we recommend our partner You can continue your fundraising in a similar way. Leetchi charges a maximum of 4% on the donations you collected. Register for free at
  3. You need a donation button for your website? You can use Paypal to receive donations on your site. Find further information on how to implement their technology and their fees on

None of these options fit your project?

Maybe you want to try one of the following:


Generosity is the right site for you if your are all about personal projects and people close to your heart. In case you’d like to organise a wedding, a sports event, want to fufil a wish, need to pay a medical bill or cannot afford your educational material, go to Generosity. Fundraising is for free, but they do charge banking fees.


GoFundMe is praising themselves as the lagest international platform for private fundraising. It doesnt matter if you collect donations for yourself, someone else or a particular project. You can easily set up your own page and start receiving funds. Registering is free of charge, but they take roughly 7% in fees.


Caremaker is an international platform, that helps to get financial support for personal wishes. If you need donations for your drivers license, your next vacation oder to fulfill your desire to get a child, go to caremaker. They charge 8,75% in fees on collected donations.