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We offer you simple yet effective solutions for finding volunteers:

  1. Volunteer opportunity feature with a modern design, images and interactive map
  2. Volunteer opportunity banner links to your website
  3. Printable posters with QR-Code and tear-off stubs
  4. Social media links
  5. Volunteers can contact you directly via e-mail
  6. Weekday support hotline

Step 1:

List a volunteer opportunity on to find volunteers.

Step 2:

Spread the word about your volunteer opportunity, e.g. as a banner integrated on your own website.

Spread your volunteer opportunity!

With only one click you can set up your own volunteer opportunity poster. Post it in your neighbourhood bakery, in the supermarket or in your favourite cafe and draw attention to your volunteering needs. Potential volunteers can tear off a stub with your contact information to take home, or scan the QR-Code with their mobile phone and find out more straight away.

This is what volunteer managers say about us

„ really helped me out: I found a great, helpful volunteer!“

Ricarda Weller

Hand in Hand Patenschaften e.V.

„Time is a valuable form of donation for us: a volunteer can always donate time according to his or her schedule and location. The volunteer opportunity feature at is the best tool to find volunteers.“

Claudia Seidensticker



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