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How can I connect a fundraising event with my company profile?

When you are logged in as a company manager, you’ll find an option on the right side of every fundraising event page to “become a corporate partner”.  By clicking that, you can ask fundraisers to approve your company as a corporate partner. Make sure that you are logged in as a company manager, or else [...]
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How can I add projects to my company profile?

If you are logged in as the company manager, you can send a “partnership request” at the bottom of the project description on the project page.  When the project manager accepts your request, your company will automatically be linked to the project and vice versa.  The project will then be listed on your company profile [...]
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How can companies make donations?

With, you always donate as an individual user. Nevertheless, you can visualize your company’s support by linking your company to projects or fundraising events by becoming their company-partner (Link). If you have registered your company on, you can simply donate from your personal profile. Your personal user will then be displayed as the [...]
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How do I upload a banner to my company profile?

We’ll do that for you! The banner must be 640 px wide and 180 to 315 px long. Just send the banner to and we’ll put it up.  
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How can I set up the testimonial of my company’s representative?

We’ll do that for you! Send us a picture of the representative, their name, position and testimonial text to and we’ll set it up for you.  
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How can I list myself as an employee of a company?

If you work for a company, you can list yourself as an employee by doing the following: Visit the company profile on In the menu on the right hand side, you will find the option “connect as employee”. The company manager for will then receive a request which they must accept.
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How can I register my company?

The prerequisite for a company profile on is a personal profile. As each page on needs a personal contact, who represents and cares for it.  To create a company profile, you don’t have to be upper-management.  However, the company must have OK’ed you as their representative for When logged in, you’ll find [...]
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What are company sponsors?

Not only individuals get involved on, but also various companies. Companies on support their favorite projects, they collect money with their employees for a good cause or they give away donation vouchers. Companies that support projects on get their logos placed on project pages and get listed as “corporate sponsors”. Projects are [...]
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